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Bittercube New Year’s Dinner

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Bittercube New Year’s Dinner
Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Champagne Reception
Cocktail tasting dinner
Vintage Champagne Toast
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>Last night was like the best night ever

Learn how to craft the perfect cocktail at home.

Hangover Recovery Cocktail class @ Fort Howard Lodge Noon-4pm
Meet & Greet with Master Mixologists Ira Koplowitz & Nick Kosevich of Bittercube Bitter

The ONLY way to ring in the New Year & learn the finer art of mixology.  This is your chance to talk cocktails with the experts.  The games will be playing on the big screen, come & go as you please.  Bring the kids if you like.  This is a relaxed meet & greet featuring Bloody Marys, Game Day Snacks & Champagne Cocktails.

Better yet… Need to shake the drinks from last night? Find your New Year flow @ Grace Yoga.  Included in the VIP package, access to Grace Yoga’s hangover recovery class from 11:00-12:00.  This will be a non-heated vinyasa flow class, perfect for all levels. (if participating, sign up for class @ using code NYE)

Bittercube Bitters are developed and created in Milwaukee, WI, and spirits used are sourced from Yahara Bay Distillers in Madison, WI. Bittercube literally creates the bitters by hand, peeling hundreds of pounds of citrus, weighing dozens of spices, and decorticating vanilla beans, among other time consuming tasks! Bittercube Bitters do not use any extracts or oils, but only “raw” ingredients. The process is different for each style of Bittercube Bitters, with batches going through various phases on their way to completion, taking anywhere from four to eight weeks depending on variety. Bittercube has grown from humble beginnings, starting with creating one gallon jars of bitters and growing to now producing batches in large maceration barrels – but the hand-crafting process has stayed the same.

Nicholas Kosevich began his career behind the stick at Palomino Euro-Bistro in downtown Minneapolis. After a five year stint there he left to tackle a new concept opening on East Lake Street: The Town Talk Diner. Nick helped open this restaurant with mentors Tim Niver and Aaron Johnson and as soon as the historic diner opened its doors, Twin Citizens knew they were in store for something special. Nick took the locavore movement seriously, crafting as many house-made products as possible, including a number of bitters and liqueurs. For three and a half years, Nick helped transform the collective palate of the Twin Cities from reserved sippers to educated imbibers. Kosevich won nearly every bartending award in Minneapolis while at “TTD” and went undefeated en route to winning the first annual Iron Bartender Competition in 2009.

Ira Koplowitz began crafting cocktails in Boston in 2006. Koplowitz worked for more than two years at the Violet Hour in Chicago — referred to as “ground zero for cocktail culture” by Details magazine — where he developed a number of house-made syrups, tonics and bitters. At Violet Hour, Ira worked as a bartender and a manager, and contributed cocktails to more than a year’s worth of seasonal cocktail menus. Ira had two cocktails published in the well-received Rogue Cocktails book. Beyond bartending, Koplowitz has traveled extensively, eating and drinking his way across forty countries, spanning five continents. His passion for travel and the delights of eating and drinking well have inspired his continued passion for the craft cocktail movement.

JE Sunde, Kalispell & Cory Chisel 4tix

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Thursday, April 30, 2015
335 N Broadway St, Green Bay, WI 54303
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“Fronted by cello and voice, Auralai is a mesmerizing and tantalizing treat for the senses. Abstract but vivid lyrics and complex yet catchy rhythm and melodies create a listening experience that is truly unique, etherial and fiercely engaging. No slave to conventional songwriting and cello form, Auralai brings an much needed fresh breed of indie-pop music. By combining the best of classical complexity and popish rhythm and melody, this boutique vibe will have your heart dancing and everything around you will just seem more beautiful!”

  • 335 North Broadway
    Green Bay, WI 54303