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Matt Hires + Auralai

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Thursday, April 30, 2015
335 N Broadway St, Green Bay, WI 54303
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//Matt Hires


“Fronted by cello and voice, Auralai is a mesmerizing and tantalizing treat for the senses. Abstract but vivid lyrics and complex yet catchy rhythm and melodies create a listening experience that is truly unique, etherial and fiercely engaging. No slave to conventional songwriting and cello form, Auralai brings an much needed fresh breed of indie-pop music. By combining the best of classical complexity and popish rhythm and melody, this boutique vibe will have your heart dancing and everything around you will just seem more beautiful!”

Helioterra Wine Dinner

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Sunday, April 19, 2015
335 N Broadway St, Green Bay, WI 54303
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Helioterra Wine Dinner

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Fort Howard Lodge  Hors d’Oeuvres Reception (located above Three Three Five)
Seasonal Multi-Course Tasting Dinner
7 Select Wines

// Special Guest: Anne Hubatch, Winemaker

How did a gal from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, grow up to become one of Oregon’s up-and-coming winemakers? It all started with her love for the land.


In her childhood, Anne Hubatch loved the outdoors and the natural beauty of the heartland. She spent much of her youth taking walks in the woods behind her house or skipping stones on the shores of Lake Michigan. She pursued this love to the University of Wisconsin, where she earned a degree in Geology and Environmental Studies. She knew then her career path led to a connection with the land.

A Move Out West

Anne soon found herself in the heart of Oregon wine country where her future was realized — she found a passion to become a winemaker. Through hands-on exposure to Oregon’s wine industry, Anne began her decade-long, experiential wine training with some of Oregon’s best winemakers — Eric Hamacher (Hamacher Wines), David Adelsheim & Dave Paige (Adelsheim Vineyard), Joe Dobbes (Dobbes Family Estate/Wine By Joe), and Alfredo Apolloni (Apolloni Vineyards). She enrolled at Chemeketa Community College and began studies in Winemaking.

The First Vintage

In 2009, Anne introduced her first solo vintage – Helioterra Wines. The name draws on geological inspirations, symbolizing Heliolite, the Oregon state gemstone (more commonly known as Sun Stone), and terra, the Greek word for earth. The sun and earth are natural partners for the growth of quality wine grapes. Anne selects her wine grapes from top-notch Northwest vineyards and crafts her wine at an urban Portland winery. She is proud of her Helioterra wines, which she describes as “a grounded, honest expression of her winemaking style, reflecting feminine sensibilities.” Says Anne, “Helioterra wines are sensuous and evocative in style, ‘to honor the wine grapes and the fertile vineyards where they are grown.’”  

  • 335 North Broadway
    Green Bay, WI 54303