The Traveling Chef Hospitality Group

Be prepared to witness the performance of a lifetime the minute Christopher Mangless and his crew arrive. No strings will be plucked, no keys will be tuned, and no mic will be tested; this group of artists put on a different sort of show for their privileged clientele where the palate is the stage and the guests are the rock stars.

The Traveling Chef Hospitality Group is an endeavor first started by Chef Christopher Mangless. Mangless is the original Traveling Chef, traveling to cook elaborate tasting dinners and craft customized menus in the homes of numerous musicians, clients, and politicians all over the world. His commitment to working with only sustainable, local, organic artisans and foods sparked a greater mission to create local experiences for his guests, whether on the road or at his home in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Mangless now offers an entire range of culinary experiences under The Traveling Chef Hospitality Group, including Jac B Caramels, Three Three Five, The Fort Howard Lodge, and The Traveling Chef. His team is always looking for new ways to stay creative, especially when it comes to event planning. Whether it’s planning a dinner party for two, a corporate tasting event for 2000, hosting a team-building Iron Chef competition, planning a concert, consulting on menu and recipe development, or even just catering a in-home tasting dinner, the Traveling Chef Hospitality Group will deliver a flawless departure from the ordinary.

  • 335 North Broadway
    Green Bay, WI 54303